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Quick sampler for live sampling on the fly


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Hi, I'm an Ableton user really surprised by the great updates that came with 10.5

Trying to go fully on logic now, I am moving my live set and in the process, found a limitation:


How can I add a file to a quick sampler (doesn't really matter the method) WITHOUT stopping playback?


I like sampling musicians on the fly while we are jamming and process them with the sampler. Really easy to do in Ableton. I hope I am missing a setting or something.

Any help would be great, best!

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I found that when files are small, it won't stop playback. And also, dragging the recorded file from the Project media window won't stop playback, no matter how large the file is.

So, I need to make my question again: Is there a way of dropping a newly recorded cell into a quick sampler on the fly without stopping playback?


Thanks a lot, best

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