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Splitting velocity response using a transformer object.


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Hello people, I hope you are perfectly heathy and safe.

My question is about appling a transformer in real time to achieve that my, non weighed keys, controler produces softer notes from the middle to the lower end, and normal velocities values through the high half of the keyboard. When I'm playing a sampled piano library my left hand tends to hit certain keys harder than it should due to the absence of weighted keys and that ruins the performance. I wish to have more control in the lower notes decreasing the velocity response. That feature doesn't exist in the virtual instrument as it only allows to adjust the velocity sensibility for the whole keyboard range. Is this possible to achieve with the environment's tranformer object? If yes I would thank a description of the settings.

PD: I dont seek to limit the velocity range of left hand keys, I just want to modify the response curve as some times I would need to play forte depending on the musical passage.

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You would need to split the quiet half of the notes. Then multiply their velocities by 2, as the following exponential map works between 1-127, then divide the result by 2 to bring the processed velocities back into the previous range. Like this:




The bump around vel64, where the steepest part of the exp curve meets the linear response above 64 might be irritating, so maybe keep also working on your technique.

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