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Best way to record an audio track where the first 8 bars have no tempo


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Hello, I'm not new to the world of Logic Pro X but I've been wracking my brain trying to come up with the best workflow for a certain project.


I'm recording an audio track where the first 8 bars of the track have no tempo. It's just freestyle piano. Starting on Bar 9 a simple drum kit comes in on Track 1 and the tempo is 70 bpm. The piano is an audio track on Track 2.


The problem I keep running in to is that Logic wants to assign a tempo to those first 8 bars... I can't figure out how to tell Logic that there is NO TEMPO on those first 8 bars. The tempo doesn't start until Bar 9. I don't even want the metronome to start until bar 9.


What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? This has got to be simple and I'm sure I'm missing something. 7414509_ScreenShot2020-07-09at1_30_55AM.thumb.png.cd18b84ac85035c49cd778e7bb51d83b.png

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- Have your tempo set to 70 from bar 1

- Move everything to bar 20

- Now record your piano intro somewhere after bar 1, without a click.

- Make sure you play the note where the drums should come in (you can erase that later)

- Move the recorded intro later so that note lines up with bar 20, where your drums really start



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