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Help with monitoring latency


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Hi all,


Here is a scenario: I am trying to input monitor 5 tracks. One of the tracks I want to monitor has plugins on it that create 50ms of latency. I am ok with monitoring with this latency in this circumstance, however I need the other 4 tracks to also have 50ms of latency so all the tracks can stay time-locked as I'm monitoring. I know I could use a sample delay or something on the other 4 tracks, but is there a way for Logic to automatically compensate them for me? Right now I am hearing a slap-back between the 4 tracks vs the one with the plugins on it.

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you have a couple options. This should be a stickie...


first, Plugin Delay Compensation works in two ways in LogicPro,


audio and instrument tracks with latency reported will be queued earlier from the track to the mixer channel so that the events existing on regions will make sound when you expect them too on the time line. However anything you play through them with your keyboard, can't be early, so if there is latency on that channel, then you will hear the sound slightly delayed behind when you play it on the keyboard or sing it into the microphone. But when you record, it will be positioned in the region properly and when you play it back, it will sound exactly as it exists on the track region by being queued earlier to the mixer channel by the right amount.


AUX channels and OUTPUT channels are different since they generally are not being fed directly form a track region, they are being fed by audio ports or by sends, etc. They are sort of like "live" channels. So.. if you have latency on an AUX or OUTPUT channel, then all other channels will be delayed to match the delay of the AUX so that they all sound in sync, albeit, delayed.


This second option is what I think you are wishing for, but you are trying to get that behavior from inst or audio tracks..


Now the track with 50ms of delay...is that being played live or is it playing from a region? If its is playing from a region, you should not hear it late.


There are audio preferences related to Plugin delay compensation, perhaps you have it turned off?


Please check those preferences, tell us what its set to and give us more information about you track/channel configuration.

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Thank you for the great reply! I agree that should be a sticky. I didn't know the latency compensation on aux/output channels behaved differently. You're right, I want exactly the functionality of the aux/output channel latency compensation but on audio tracks.


The track with 50ms of latency is being played live, as are the other 4 tracks. I have toggled the PDC preferences between All/Off and haven't noticed an improvement in what I am trying to do. However, I think now that I'm armed with your knowledge of how the aux/output channels work, I should be able to create a nice workaround that does exactly what I want. Thank you for the info!

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