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audio track tempo out of sync


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HI. Ive had a problem with Logic Pro x twice recently where audio tracks I recorded suddenly become a different tempo than I recorded them. Being I dont know how to fix it I generally restart the recording and hope for the best. Which, as you can imagine, is an incredibly frustrating waste of time. I'd love to tell you the exact sequence of events that lead up to the error but it hasnt happened enough for me to be 100%. Generally, I record, listen back and everything is in time. Then I come back later to listen and its this chaotic mess because of the different tempos. I need to start hitting save more often because when I revert its just this same version messy version.


Ive included a screenshot of the sound waves in the main window. You can see drums are a midi track that are the correct tempo of 107 but the guitar and bass have shifted to a slower tempo of 99. (For the skeptics, yes, they were both locked at 107 at time of recording.)


Also a screen shot of the control bar in case antything can be gleaned from that.


Please let me know any questions because I dont understand whats happening at all, how to accurately describe it or begin to look for a solution.


Thanks for the help everyone.



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