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Inconsistent Vertical Zoom Resolution?


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Hey everyone,


Feel like I'm going crazy here, tried searching this but it's a hard thing to search exactly.


I'm working with flex pitch and zoomed in vertically as much as possible to see what I'm working on - all good. I go to the track above to do the same, but in this track for some reason the maximum I can zoom in far more constricted, it's much harder to see what I'm doing. I'm wondering, am I missing something obvious here? Could it be bugging out?


Screenshot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7mi3l59llltmmt/Screenshot%202020-07-12%20at%2019.53.13.png?dl=0 (please let me know if there's a better way to host an image).


Thanks a lot for any help.

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Okay I think I've figured out the problem, this is still quite frustrating so if there is another reason for this please let me know!


The zoom level with flex pitch and therefore the ability to see notes clearly seems to be defined either by the maximum volume or the total pitch range (guessing latter?) within the audio file you're working with. So in my example above the lower track was a short audio file that was an overdubbed harmony, and the take above is a full take with more audio further forward and behind. In order to be able to zoom vertically to a comfortable degree I can't just snip out that part of the file, I actually have to bounce it in place and then apply flex time to the new region. This doesn't seem right to me.


I would like to edit title to read "Flex Time Vertical Zoom Amount Issue" to make it easier for others to search for problem but not sure how to edit this!

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