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Flex Pitch Not Catching Beginnings of Notes


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I have little hope this will be fixed, but it's worth a shot.


I've been recording using Flex Pitch for almost 5 years now. About 4 days ago, a problem started happening that I have never seen before, and that I have no idea how to fix. Logic now doesn't recognize the beginnings of some notes. Attached is an example image. You'll see that the Flex note doesn't start at the beginning of the actual note. As a result, when I drop the note way down (to get a super-low bassline effect), only the latter portion of the note is dropped. So when I play it back, you can easily hear the note snap really quickly from the high portion to the low portion. Obviously this result sounds ridiculous. I want the entire note to be dropped, not just the latter portion. But Logic only drops the latter portion since it only recognizes the latter portion. This seems to happen when I sing lower notes with a "bop" or a "dmm" sound. Sometimes it is really extreme, recognizing only the second half of the note, when to me there is very clear pitch material in the first half. I know some people might write this off as "Logic doesn't work like the human ear." I realize that. The reason I am surprised is that this seems to have JUST started happening in the last few days. Like I said, I've recorded stuff like this for years without having such problems.


Here's what I've tried:


•Singing with clear versus breathy vocals

•Singing with different mic trim levels

•Recording in different projects

•Recording with different versions of Logic (10.4.4 and 10.5.1)

•Restarting the computer

•Turning my interface off and on

•Penciling in the missing section (still doesn't recognize it, the resulting note block doesn't have a pitch line; and it sounds terrible)

•Deleting the entire note and re-penciling the whole thing in

•Using time and pitch machine instead (doesn't work because the formant is way too low)

•Downloading the free trial of melodyne (Melodyne recognizes the pitch, but its pitch-shifting doesn't sound as good as Flex Pitch)


Nothing works. Logic, in the last week, has decided to just stop recognizing the beginnings of certain notes, and the work I do on a daily basis has ground to a halt. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


MacBook Pro Mid 2012

OS Catalina 10.15.5

1.02 TB SATA drive (438.5 GB available)

16 GB Ram


Scarlett 18i20


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I've been having Flex Pitch miss notes here and there. I only recently started using it, though, so I don't have any input as to it being a recent phenomenon.


You might end up bouncing the section and seeing if LPX's Flex Pitch picks up the note properly on the new audio file.

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