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Logic + EWQL Composer Cloud


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How can I see what actual patch is being used on a track (actually, this applied to any software instrument, not just EWQL).


When I click on the Instrument on the track panel, it opens the Play module, but it always shows the last instrument I loaded, not the one assigned to the track I opened it from.


So if I want to know did I use the flute from the Symphonic Orchestra or the Hollywood Orchestra, I have no idea.


I think I did see something somewhere about 'syncing' the track with the Play window, but don't know how to do that.


Would be a big help to me right now!




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OK, this is embarrassing...


Have to admit, I've never seen or opened that Play Interface! I just browse for a sound, load it, and start playing.


So I'm always on the browser, which always shows the last sound I browsed to.


I have now seen the Play window! Who'd a thought..! ;)


Thank you.

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It would still be nice if Logic loaded the right Play window just by clicking on the track (or up/down arrow selecting it). You still have to go to the channel strip and click on the Instrument to open it, and then a new Play window opens. Not efficient, but I can work with it! Thanks.
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