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autoscroll to selection?


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AFAIK. the highlighting effect of a track selection and/or its assigned channelstrip is unaffected by that AutoScroll to Selection feature and could not be unlinked.


Only the channelstrip display will be scrolled (or not) into view, by that feature, when selecting a track. Not the other way around.

I.e, if you select (click on) a channelstrip in the mixer, the associated track will always come into view, regardless of the AutoScroll to Selection being enabled or not. IOW it is not reciprocal: that AutoScroll to Selection feature selection seems meant to be only a one way function. Probably that's why it appears only in the Mixer's local View menu.


If enabled, upon selection of a track, this will have the effect of moving the mixer's display in order to bring that assigned channelstrip into view.

Consequently, for that feature to be noticeable, one need a large enough mixer so its channelstrips count exceeds what the monitor can display at once, and the track's assigned channelstrip has to be out of view.

When that AutoScroll to Selection is disabled, selecting a track in the track area will also select its assigned channelstrip, but the current mixer view will not scroll or change. If the associated channelstrip was out of sight, then it will remain. OTOH, if it was already in sight, nothing will happen, besides that channelstrip getting highlighted, as explained in my first statement.

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