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Autopunch activated but not wanted


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I have a template I use, for new projects, which contains Audio tracks for Vox, an Audio track for ElecGuitar, a number of instrument tracks with 'Chorused Electric Piano, a few instrument tracks with Cellos and a Tenor Sax instrument track.


When I hit 'R' for record ... autopunch kicks in and the recording starts recording the Tenor Sax track ...

When I stop (space bar), unclick the red 'R' on the Tenor Sax track and highlight the correct track again... then hit 'R' on the keyboard, recording starts normally...

After that all is fine, until I switch to another program (browser or finder) for 5 - 10 minutes... then when I return to logic and hit the 'R' key on the keyboard, autopunch kicks in again...???


Odd, odd, odd...

Something has obviously changed but I cannot figure out what is causing this.

The ChorElecPiano, Cellos and TenSax all have multiple effects configs on them. But there is no input routing as far as I can see...


Has anyone had this type of problem before...?

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Thanks David, for your response... You are correct in that a marquee will cause autopunch...

I was just clicking on the track from the track header...

I have since closed down logic and started off with a new project based on the same template... I'm still testing and so far it's been behaving correctly... Can I share my template with you? There could be some weird setting in it that I've overlooked...

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