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Input monitoring suddenly stopped working- Bug? Seriously need help..


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Ive just updated to Catalina. For the first few days my setup was working great. Suddenly today a few things happened. I didnt change a single thing. it just happened.


Main one is that input monitoring stopped working, which is crucial to my process. "allow input monitoring" is checked in the record menu but the "I" on each track is different now. Instead of the whole button being orange, only the "I" is, except for whichever track is selected. The signal shows up in the volume meter as I play, just no sound, except thru my interface as it normally would. However for my setup I require input monitoring- which was working great until now. I can record audio and it plays back fine.


Also, tho the audio shows up in its track's meter, nothing is reflected in the master channel.


Also at the exact same time, my Elektron Analog Rytm stopped showing up in Devices with the option for "bit Accurate" and instead only "core Audio" which was always there in the past, in addition to Bit Accurate. It is connected via usb using Overbridge.

The input monitoring problem happens with or without the AR connected.


The first time this started happening, after turning everything off and on several times, I decided to restart my computer, for the fist time since updating to Catalina. It then started going in circles trying to reinstall the OS. 3rd time I think, It finished. Opened it and same exact issues.


Im on a deadline for a project, hope to clear this up soon.

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Same as listed, the motu.


So what's the function of the Elektron then?


Elektron shows up as a plugin. It routes its audio via usb. Similar to how a line 6 helix can be an interface or a plugin, I believe. It also shows up as a device/interface. In order for it to work right I would normally choose it as the interface, to engage it or get logic to see it, and then immediately reselect my motu. Now its changed in the devices menu.


That aside, the input monitoring issue happens even with the Elektron completely disconnected. The different issues just started at the exact same time, so I imagine they could be related, especially since input monitoring is the only way to monitor the Elektron.


Again, the strangest part is that everything worked great for a week after updating to catalina and Logic 10.5....

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Im not aware of a setting for that. I have double checked all the routing, which is the same as Ive always had it. Like I also said, not only do I not hear any plugins which are active on ch strips (until playback of course) but also, although the track will show audio in the volume meter it is not reflected in the master/output channel. That seems to indicate to me that its not related to the motu, wouldnt you think?
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Normally, for my setup, Id mute the audio passing thru the motu's normal monitoring and enable logic input monitoring and, If I recall correctly, then the only audio coming thru the motu's normal monitoring would be the "from computer" software monitor channels. Due to this situation Ive had to unmute the motu channels and monitor in the standard way.
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Where would I find that?


Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 11.06.53 AM.png


Aha! well I wonder when that switched itself off. Like I said, was all fine for a week after the update... anyhow, this fixes my normal inout monitoring. Unfortunately not for the Elektron. Im talking with them about it. Aslo strange that that stopped working at the exact same time.


THank you greatly for your help.

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