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Assigning a modifier key on a Controller


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I want to assign Logics Clear/Recall Solo button to a modified button on my Console 1 controller (the devices bottom left "Shift" button + the "Solo" button).

I've done some digging but cant figure it out. In accordance with the below statement from the Controller Assignment manual, i thought i should choose "Class: Key" and then enter the modifier key (alt) that i already use in the Key Commands window, to create this controller assignment. But this "Key" field doesn't seem to accept any of the Modifier keys (ctrl, alt, cmd). I may have gotten this wrong though. Can anyone clarity the correct process here.


"Choosing the Key class lets you use assignments to emulate keystrokes on your computer keyboard. You can enter the key to emulate in the Key field, which appears below the Class pop-up menu. This is not case-sensitive."

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Ok, I’ll give it a try (you mean clicking on the “key” field and pressing and holding a number + modifier?).

Is the above process the correct / only way of setting a modifier key up though?


I did initially just hit learn and then press and hold my modifier + solo button (thinking that would work), but it affected the behaviour of my solo button when used on its own.

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