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Recovering logic's Driver

art Lowell

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I took somebody's advice that I needed to compress a project in order to attach it to a logic Help topic, so I downloaded a Zipping app and tried to compress my project file. Now, when I try to boot up the project (the original), there's an error message saying Logic is unable to find the driver. How do I find it, not knowing where it disappeared to? How do I re-unite it with my Logic Pro?


The zipping software I used to use was very simple and foolproof, but this one is very complicated and not at all intuitive, so I may have done something wrong. Dragging the file into the compressor is the obvious part, but extracting the compressed file is not so easy. (plus, the older one was free). Now, the entire project is silent.

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compression is built-in to apple's system, you don't need a 3rd-party app.


find the original file (copy it from your backup drive if need be); then right-click (or control-click) on it, select 'compress' from the pop-up menu; done. you'll have the original file intact, PLUS a 'zip' copy; that's the one you need to attach to a post here (or, for example, email to des99, if he's given you his email address; you can contact him by clicking on his name in a post, and going to 'pm', ie... private message).


hope this helps!

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