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Can I update to 10.4.8 on High Sierra?


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Hi guys

Probably got this all wrong, but I read that if I'm on HS (haven't changed my profile yet) and update Logic from purchased app store, I would be offered 10.4.8 rather than 10.5.1. Just wanted to see if I could update to 10.4.8 still and keep it to revert to if necessary (before I go the whole hog to Catalina / 10.5.1). I'm in App Store at the moment, clicked on the LP icon to update but I'm not getting anywhere.



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Hmm still no joy. Signed out, restarted, signed back in. On the Purchased tab I get this:



No option to Update there.


Clicked on Logic Pro X and got this:



Clicking Update is where it hangs, presumably because it's trying to update to 10.5.1 which obviously I can't do on HS.

Why no option to update on the Purchased tab?

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This is just regular AppStore/iCloud annoyance stuff. Log out, log in, restart, remove/rename your Logic app, just do a faff dance etc and the App Store will eventually let you download.


It's annoying, but the AppStore is just like this sometimes in some situations. You can search around for other numerous threads here with people having similar AppStore download problems and see what resolved it for them.

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