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Logic and mixing with analog summing


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Hello people!


I am trying to make a complete commitment to Logic and hopefully abandon PT altogether, unless working for clients for whom it is a requirement. So...I am just about ready to start mixing a batch of original songs and this will be the first time I haven't mixed in PT in 20 years.


So just a quick question, because i can't seem to find the particular answer anywhere.


My PT mix setup typically goes like this:


All tracks are routed out to an assigned stereo output, i.e. drums-3/4, bass-5/6, synths-7/8 etc, resulting in 22 channels of analog summing.


I've always had a master fader in PT for each stereo output, upon which I might place some additional magic. Does Logic allow you to create a separate master fader for each stereo output? I can't seem to find the answer anywhere and I'd like to know before I start this process whether or not I have to just suck it up and return to PT to mix.

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