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Proper Bouncing Level for Affected Tracks


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I've wondered about this for awhile. So, let's say I have an audio track

of a kick drum that has an eq, comp and tape saturation plug on it. To save

dsp I'd like to bounce this in place. Easy....But I've already got the fader

where I want it as far as level goes. When I bounce do I just leave the

fader alone or do I bring it up to 0.0 and then bounce?

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If you're bouncing in place, you have the option to not include "Volume and Pan automation" (which actually includes Volume and Pan settings even if you don't have automation). If you don't, then you can leave the fader alone. If you do include Volume and Pan automation then you bring the fader up to 0.0.


If you're bouncing the project or section, then yes, bring the fader up to 0.0.

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Hi David!


Let me get this through my thick skull:)


Okay, so if I don't select "Volume and Pan Automation" then I leave the fade alone. If I do

select it then I bring the fader up to 0.0?


So, either way the bounce level should be at 0.0; right? That's what my question really was getting at.


PS: I've been making sure all of my recording levels are around 12db's with peaks just above that. I'm not worrying about "pre-fader" anything and the level on my stereo bus is giving me a ton of room to add whatever I want on there if needed.

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