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thanks for the separate forum, Quick question


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I just want to make sure I'm creating my concert correctly cause it seems to be eating up 4X more memory than my environment version of my setup.


I've got let's say 20 patches, many of them use the sames sounds, but with different split points, for example, I'll have White Grand piano Split with EXS Strings or Grand Piano Layered with EXS strings, or Rhodes either split or layered with exs strings, then I"ll have about 5-6 patches that are all unique drum loops or groove samples loaded into the exs24. When I created the patches I would copy and paste some of the sounds into the new patch, and sometimes I would just select the exs24 and load in the sound again.


Any thoughts on if i'm doing anything right/wrong? I don't understand why in mainstage it's using up all my memory, and in the environment it's not even making a dent, And I'm rewired to reason 3.0 when using my environment setup.


Any thoughts?



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