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Multibar rests


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1/ open your logic project

2/ file save as - select project as the type and save the project as multirest to your desktop

3/ go to your desktop using finder and find the logic project named multirest - right click and select compress.

4- then upload this file to the forum

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Without seeing the project I would check first:


Logic Score editor will divide multirests if there is a double bar line in a part - or perhaps you have two Regions with different Staffstyles that are contiguous.


If you want a multi rest to join all the bars in between go through the whole part and make sure they are just one Region... if you still have a problem after that I will eat my hat :)


BREAKING... I just downloaded your chart - I see the problem ... disregard the above - I am working on it ;)

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Mystery Event .pdfI had a play around with the Multi Rest and Layout of a Part ...


1/ Made a Scoreset for 'Dummy' instrument and then did some line formatting...


2/ I cannot explain why at certain points the Multi Rest works ( making a complete section of Rests) and other points there appears to be some invisible event ( as if it was a barline) that divides the bars into sections....( I have inserted a huge question mark at the problem bars) totally understand how frustrating this must be!


3/ I very much suspect at @volovicg could answer this question or @jayasher ..


Conclusion - there is some hidden event that is causing the Multi Rest to exhibit this behaviour...

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I have now had a long experimentation with the Project ( see attached v.2) and tried the following:


1/ Joined all the regions of each of 3 insruments

2/ created a Scoreset/ Part for each Instrument and put each part for formatting in a Screenset as follows

Screenset 1 - Arrange

Screenset 2 - 1st instrument part page view

Screenset 3 - 2nd instrument part page view

Screenset 4 - 3rd instrument part page view

Screenset 5 - All 3 instruments in linear view


I formatted each part using multirests and put a large question mark where I could not explain why the multi rest was broken as if there was a double bar line.


I also wanted to compare all 3 parts in linear view to see if there were common places where the problem occurred.


In the Marker TAB above I made markers with question marks so you can move quickl from marker to marker to compare


Possible explanations: there are some points where there is an entry in one instrument whereas the others have rests.. this could be causing Logic Score editor to 'think' it ought to put in an imaginary double bar.


But the main problem was that the individual parts did not REMEMBER the line breaks that I put in and formatting of the Multi rests - when I tabbed back to the Scoreset and the individual parts, they were in a chaotic state... with multi rests all over the place and loads of bars unformatted.


I have no idea what caused this - except that perhaps there is some massive flaw or corruption in the original project.


I would say in an orchestral score of this sophistication that I really feel for the OP because having done all that formatting work and for it not to be memorised or retained by Logic is a real deal breaker ...


The answer is to get in touch with someone who regularly does big orchestral scores in Logic - Ski, Jay Asher or the like ..


Good luck!


multirest v.2.logicx.zip

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