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Leave Mac for 20 mins and spinning on start up


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Hi there,


Got a bit of a weird one. Still getting the spinning balls but specifically when i leave my Mac for 20 mins for a cup of tea and when i come back and press play it goes into a spinning ball for about 30 secs .Only got one instrument loaded and one external midi instrument and a couple of audio channels. So really shouldn't be struggling with CPU.. Im also getting spinning balls and stopping mid play/track with very little stress on the CPU i.e small track count .. mmm I did think that it could have been something like 32 lives so i deleted that and also got rid of my crash plan app...


Any pointers hugely appreciated.


Thank you

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crashplan... if you depend on that, you should of course keep using it.


does this happen on any project? try starting a new one as a test; same thing?


this could be a drive issue. id' first try resetting nvram, and the smc (google for your mac model). you could also run the hardware test...

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