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Group Selection and Control Surfaces - icon Qcon Pro (Mackie control)


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Hi All,


Perhaps come control surface power user can help with this one.


I'm using a Qcon Pro X which uses the mackie control protocol with Logic. It has a "group" button which, when pressed enables you to edit groups and settings using the control surface. Primarily I want to use this to quickly turn individual groups on and off while I'm mixing. The first v-pot enables or disables the selected group which is great.


The problem is, there is no way to tell which group you currently have selected as the cursor doesn't change in the groups window and the group number or name isn't shown on the control surface. This becomes even more of a problem when a specific channel is a member of multiple groups as you can't necessarily tell which group you're on by looking at which channels are included.


I feel like this is such an obvious omission that I must be doing something wrong? Can anyone offer their advice or expertise here?


Thanks in advance.

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