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You need to provide more information to understand what your problem is.

There are too many variables in an Audio/MIDI/Software/Hardware setup to begin to help.

What is your setup?

Also, what action are you taking, and what is the expected outcome you are not getting?

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Hey I have an issue with my MIDI Keyboard with Logic Pro x. I have an AKAI MPK249 and not hearing output from the speakers that are plugged into my laptop.

The MPK249 is a MIDI Controller, it needs to be routed to an instrument to produce sound. In Logic, create a software instrument track, choose a patch from the Library, and make sure the track is R-enabled. Now play the keyboard, do you hear sound?

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Hey, my audio box usb 96 is plugged into my laptop and I’m trying to record with my microphone but it’s not picking up the audio. Any suggestions? Thank you so much

Hi OutLit,


You've posted as a reply to an old thread that was about another topic and that was already marked as "solved".


Instead, start a new topic for your new issue so that we can help you out: go to the Logic Pro X forum (viewforum.php?f=1) and click the green "+ New Topic" button to start a new topic.



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