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Logic 10.5.1 Bus Settings Keep Corrupting


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This has happened twice now so it must be a problem. During a long (wish) period of working on a project, for no real reason, all my bus routing will get completely scrambled. Groups will be bussed to the wrong place, channels will be bused incorrectly, channels will have outputs to VCA that should not be there. It becomes a total mess.


This happened last week and it took me all day to get my session back to where it was. I put it down to a power glitch (although there wasn't one and I am using a laptop anyway). It has just happened again today.


First I notice is that whilst listening to tracks for editing, tracks will just drop out of the mix.


Has anybody else experienced this? I never had ANY issues like this ever with 10.4


I am thinking it has to be a bug in 10.5.1


Any thoughts please?



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Hi David


No never. This was literally as I was working on a single project. Doing nothing out of the ordinary as far as I could tell. Maybe moving a region or editing a bus. I really dont remember as it was just a normal session.

i would have not posted anything and just put it down to 'one of those things', but it has happened twice now within a week. Both times it has taken me many hours to get back to where I was. Now I am an obsessive saver, dong Cmd S after virtually every operation. It is not conducive to relaxed working!




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