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Sustain pedal markings


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You could use the staff style window.

Setting the voices to be split by MIDI channel and then set the sustain MIDI events to a MIDI channel not used in that staff style setting. I.e. Top staff to MIDI channel 1, bottom staff to MIDI channel 2. Then in the Event List editor set the sustain MIDI events to MIDI channel 3. That would require that your Track (inspector) MIDI channel be set to All for a Logic VI or to the corresponding receiving MIDI channel of the 3rd party plugin.

Admittedly, a convoluted way to achieve same. There might be other methods that I am not aware of...

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The easiest way is to go into Score > Layout > Global Format and set 'default pedal position' to 0 (hide). I use this a lot when exporting to Sibelius.


Hope that helps,



Well that makes (way) more sense!

I guess it's time for me to revisit the project's settings and preferences...


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