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Logic Pro - System Overload


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Hey all, I’m going crazy with these system overloads and crackling audio in Logic Pro X, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve looked everywhere, watched videos, etc etc and nothing’s worked. I’ve changed the I/O Buffer Size to different settings during playback and recording as recommended (lower buffer size for recording, higher during playback). I’ve changed the processing threads, buffer range, tried low latency mode, on/off track and freeze mode and am still getting constant system overloads and crackling audio.


Not sure if it’s just my laptop or interface getting hot or if there’s some mysterious setting that got turned on somehow, but I’d love not to have to resort back to GarageBand. Thanks!

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Without any specific details at all, it sounds to me like you are using more resources than your computer can provide. So, use less tracks, less plugins, bounce to audio, use less powerful plugins in place of more heavy ones, and so on.
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