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A B Compare of main Stereo Out


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I am looking to run a second set of monitors on my audio IF, which I can hook up no problem, so that I can run AB comparison on 2 sets of monitors.


Question is,


Can I either


A Switch the Stereo Out output channel? (The Stereo Out channel appears to not have any way of defining the output target)




B. Create a second stereo out channel somehow. If so, is there a quick way to assign my stereo mix to that stereo channel? I realise I can do it with a Bus and set the output to the required outs of my audio IF. But that means I have to set up a send on every channel on the mix and send to that bus. Is there a quicker/easier way?


Many thanks


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I use a hardware switcher too. But anyway, if you really wanna A B two outputs in a software manner, 1-click way (and seamlessly, so that there's not even any audio click when you do it), here the way:


* Instead of routing your whole mix to Stereo Out, route it to a bus (Logic will create a dedicated aux return, which I'll name "Pre-out" below);

* Set Pre-Out to "no output", and create two sends on it, two two different buses (I'll call the automatically created aux returns "Out A" and "Out B" below), both sends at unity gain; Faders on Out A and Out B at unity gain too

* Route Out A to Stereo Out (usually equal to outputs 1-2 of your interface)

* Route Out B to ouputs 3-4 of your interface.


Alt-solo (option key + click the solo button) Out A or Out B in the Mixer (alt-soloing one soloes it and mutes anything else except hatever feeds the soloed one) and you have instant A/Bing of your two outputs.


PS: In Logic Preferences, I recall that somewhere there's a setting where you can chose output 3-4 to mirror output 1-2 (can't recall exactly where that's located though, I'm not in front of my Logic computer). You should make sure that this option is de-selected for the above to work as expected.

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