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Collaborate online, syncing Audio etc


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Hola, Just trying to sort this out, wondered if someone could help.


A collaborator has shared a stereo audio file (MP4) guitar and vox done to a metronome 130. No metronome audible

I drag the file into Logic that's set to 130 BPM and no matter what I do I can't get Logic to sync. Smart Tempo just floats around constantly, sounds way off.

The collaborator sent files from Reaper, not sure why MP4, it shows timecode.

He talked a bit a the start with some information, suggestions.

Once I start editing the file things seem to get worse (cutting the talking out)

Is there a way to get Logic to sync? So I can add drums, bass, keys, guitar and add Quantize if needed. Preferred I'd like to play along to his tracks.

Right now the time floats all over and its all messed up.

Should he save to a different format?

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