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LOGIC PRO X isn't reading all the midi input from Axiom Pro 49


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Have you read the Hyper Control manual? These are the steps to take.


1. HyperControl technology requires an Axiom Pro “personality” file to be added to your system HyperControl installer and follow the on-screen instructions


2. Once the installation is complete, launch Logic Pro


3. Select “Setup...” from the Logic Pro > Preferences > Control Surfaces menu


4. Click “New” and select “Install...”


5. Select “M-Audio Axiom Pro 25” (or “M-Audio Axiom Pro” for 49 or 61-key users)


6. Click “Scan” An Axiom Pro icon will appear on the right side of the screen Verify that the HyperControl MIDI ports 2 are selected for both the “MIDI input” and “MIDI output” drop-down menus on the left side of the screen


Installation is complete and Logic Pro can now be controlled with Axiom Pro using HyperControl technology Close the Setup window and continue to the next section of this User Guide


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