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Analog Lab on Logic Pro Keeps crashing


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Hi everyone,


I just got the Arturia Keylab Essential 61, and running it on Logic Pro.

Whenever I try to run Analog Lab (especially more than 1 midi track), then all the problem starts.

Keep getting System Overload messages (even when running at highest I/O buffer), clipping, getting stuck, crashing and all of these wonderful issues.

As soon as I switch back to a Logic instrument, everything is smooth.


I am using a 2013 Macbook Pro, and I ran amplitube on it on somewhat large projects with no issues.

Leads me to think the problem is Arturia's Analog Lab.


Anyone else having the same problems?



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I have. Waiting to hear back from them.

Some people are suggesting the Arturia plug ins take up a lot of CPU power, and my older mac cant handle it.

I did try recording in low latency mode and playback on high I/O buffer, not helping a lot.

Sometimes restarting the computer helps with some projects, but thats hardly a solution.

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