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Issues with Launchkey Mini MK3 - stopped working after Logic crash


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Hi guys,

yesterday I got my Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 - I know it's mainly designed for Ableton, but since it has pretty good reviews and I've read that it can work with Logic too, I decided to buy it. I plugged it in, followed all the instructions (installed the Novation driver, did the whole set up thing) and it worked brilliant in all modes. And then Logic crashed. After that, MK3 pretty much stopped working. The solo/mute button doesn't light up (and the pads stay yellow no matter which option they control - earlier they were yellow in the solo mode and blue in the mute mode); arp button lights up, but does nothing; the pads stopped working in the drum mode. On the contrary, all the knobs work just fine.


I have no idea what happened - clearly there must be something with Logic, because when I used the controller with Ableton it worked perfect instantly. I tried restarting my laptop, reinstalling Logic, reinstalling the drivers... no success. On Monday I'm calling Apple tech support, but maybe you have any idea???


I have the newest version of Logic (which is 10.5.1 I believe) + macOS Catalina.

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Thank you so so much, it worked! The drum mode is back, and so are the changing colors of the solo/mute button :) The arp button is still pretty "moody" but I guess that's not something I can correct in Logic...
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