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Quick sampler Graphical display


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Hello, I'm new to Logic Pro X 10.5


I need help with Quick Sampler and all the other graphical displays. I understand how to drag wav files into the gray area on the track space to bring up the Quick sampler and Drum designer. When I place my file on, say Quick Sampler Optimized, the only thing I see is a black box with a bunch of parameters in it. No graphical display shows up to allow me to use the parameters or manipulate the waveform. I can hear the at the waveform has been loaded when I play a key on my midi controller, but can't see anything on the screen. When I initially dragged in the wav file a dialog box came up talking about preferences. I have checked every preference but can not figure out how to get the graphical display to show up. Please help me if you can, this is very frustrating. Thanks

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