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Question or those who upgraded to an iMac Pro

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I've been trying to decide weather or not to upgrade my 2010 Mac Pro to a new Mac Pro or an iMac Pro. A big issue with Catalina is there are still many plugins and VI's (and some apps) I use that aren't quite "Catalina ready" so I know many of the projects I'm working on just won't recall correctly. I'm running on Mojave now so don't anticipate anything huge getting in my way if I can stay in that OS. That unfortunately knocks out the new (more favorable for me) Mac Pro off my list. That really only gives me the iMac Pro as a real option. Have any of you gone through this same transition? I'm going to have to invest in a new audio interface and tons of other things and am not crazy about having computer gear in my control room ( I currently have a computer closet). The fact that Thunderbolt cables can only be 6 feet long seems super limiting too. I'm sure I can adapt but am holding back on making the jump. Who has done this move from a tower to the iMac and has enjoyed the change? Currently I'm eyeballing a used 10 core iMac Pro as a possibility. Thanks!
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I think the 2019 27-inch with an i9 is a much better option if you wanna jump into thunderbolt-land.

If you really need 4 TB3 ports, then the iMac Pro is your only option for all-in-ones.


What things do you have currently connected to your Mac Pro that have to be there at all times?

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