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Logic Project suddenly unusably slow


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Hi all, after much googling and searching and experimenting I thought it was about time I reached out here.


I'm at the verge of completion on a composition and all of a sudden Logic has become ridiculously slow, painfully so...


The project is no larger (in number of tracks and MIDI information) than a lot of my other projects but for some reason the file size is 7gb whereas my usual projects are usually under 1gb.


I'm using Spectrasonics, Arturia and Korg software instruments and only 1 track of Audio!


Saving is extremely slow, as is loading the project and also any kind of audio device changes. I've noticed Arturias Clav V takes a long time to load on initiation.


Things I've tried so far:


Stripping plugins from the mix and most bus mixing.

Taking any kind of mastering off.

Unplugging all external devices - hard drives etc.

Using Internal iMac sound device and headphone output

Running everything off my SSD on the iMac including sample instruments.

Updating all software including plugins

Deleted 'com.apple.audiounits.cache' from Library/Caches/AudioUnitCache


I don't think what I'm doing in the track itself should warrant such a massive change in Logic's behaviour. I'm wondering if I've activated anything weird that could cause this...


If anyone has had any kind of similar problems help would be massively appreciated. I can't see a way of rebuilding the track to get around this!


I'm running -

Mojave 10.14.6

Logic 10.5.1

iMac Late 2015, 4ghz, i7, 32gb Ram


Many thanks

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Hey, I've tried unchecking 'audio files and 'sampler audio data' and that's got it down to 2.6gb - I'm getting somewhere.


Its still really slow to save (apple+S style) and doesn't seem normal to be that large for a track with only 40 MIDI instruments?


Do you think I'm asking too much from my computer or do I have an unreasonably large file size for some unexplained reason?

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Ok, just did some quick butchering of a copy of the project.


4 instances of Arturia Clav shaved off 1.6gb


1 instance of Arturia Synclavier shaved off 1.25gb


...and then things started behaving a bit more normally, felt like old times.


Looks like I know what soft synths I'll be steering clear of. Shame as they sound freakin great!

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