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L7/L9/SoundDiver and my old Logic songs again!

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Hey guys, it's Fab here, unconditional emagic then apple user since the Atari STE,


I was truly sad all these years I lost the possibility to load my old songs and also edit my sound modules with the fantastic sound diver tool, well now I can use them all again on this SnowLeopard (last OS that runs PPC software with Rosetta) config I restored (Glad I never sold my Logic dongle hehe!)


Bought an imac mini 2010 on eBay for about a hundred bucks, then reloaded it with my old logic apps and _atari songs_ (still couldn't load my notator songs but fortunately most of what I did as a teen started on logic/cubase)

I made an image of it so now I'll never loose this again!!!

... and started tracking again on my vintage synths like crazy, funny how patches load instantly btw (did not recall that)


Here's a snapshot (for old emagic lovers I know are still reading this here):


Love to all of you fellow logicians, I wanna cry seriously of pure happiness :)


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