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"Empty library" with Komplete Kontrol


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I'm quite a novice in this world so I ask you patience in case I'm asking stupid questions.


I installed Komplete Kontrol (start), which I understand comes with free tools inside, and then bought "Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evo". When installing Native Access and Komplete Kontrol for the first time, I set the installation location on an external disk. Native Access tells me that all my products are installed and updated. From Komplete Kontrol (standalone application) I can access and play the instruments. If I select a tool with the right button and choose "Find in Finder" I see that the file resides in the correct folder on my external hard disk.


My problem is that if I try to insert one of these instruments in a Logic Pro X track (AU Instruments / Native Instruments / Komplete Kontrol / stereo) the Komplete Kontrol window is displayed but I see it has the message "It looks like your library is currently empty. Please click the button below to scan for your Instruments and Samples. " But if I click the button, the situation does not change. However I see all the instruments on the right panel and if I try to select one if these from the library I hear that it sounds, but if I double-click it or try to drag it to the area on the right I get the message "Loading Issue. Plug-In not found. Please open the standalone application to rescan, or rescan manually in the Plug-in preferences."




If instead I try to insert an instrument with Kontakt Player (AU Instruments / Native Instruments / Kontakt / stereo) I have no problem: I see and hear the instruments play but I can also insert them in my track.


I don't understand where and if I'm wrong. Is it "right" to use Kontakt instead of Komplete Kontrol? However I guess Komplete shouldn't have these problems in Logic, I guess it should be able to insert the tools it displays ...


Can anyone help me out?


Note: The only thing I did after doing after installing Logic Pro X was to move the library to the external hard disk (relocate sound library) and everything seems to be working properly. As far as I can understand, Logic has created the "library" folder on the external hard disk with the two folders "Application Support" and "Receipts" inside. While the Native Instrument libraries are in a folder outside of this.

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Did you follow all the instructions about installing KK? All the preferences have to be set up in the standalone version for the plugin version to work.


Since Kontakt AU works and KK works standalone, it's a cockpit error. I'd look over the KK preferecnes carefully.


You don't need KK to play Kontakt libraries, the main benefit is when using multiple NI plugins all run from a single browsing and control interface. Since I have very little NI stuff, I personally found KK superfluous.

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Thanks for your reply. I checked the standalone KK preferences again, in the "Libraries" and "Plug-ins" sections. I see that some locations are correctly set on the folder I created on the external hard disk while others point to my boot hard disk. Perhaps a first attempt will be to remove KK altogether and try reinstalling it...
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