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logic x automation


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I have imported a midi file with automation which I have edited. I'm having a few issues..


First, despite the fact there is "region" automation on the tracks , the read button remains with a grey background, except in a few cases where it has a green background. I've tried to see what is different between these tracks, but can't see anything. I've trouble shooted with the things I googled but nothing is working .


I have turned the read button on and off in both mixer window and edit window and it only switches from grey to white on grey..


2nd, The volume automation doesnt start at the level that is set on the automation track. If I add automation to lower the volume, when the automation levels out, it returns back to the higher volume instead of staying at the lower volume.


One other thing... I enter the automation in piano roll, but it doesnt always turn up in the track automation lanes, which is odd to me.


any help appreciated.








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