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ACX Optimization


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Hello Logic Pro Help!


I'm having trouble optimizing my workstation for ACX delivery. I think that a major problem that I've now identified is that Logic's built-in multimeter measures RMS with a weight/filter. ACX reviews files with a z-weighted meter. How can I account for this? Is there a built-in meter that offers this option when measuring RMS? Are there popular third-party plugins that offer this type of weighted metering?


Many thanks,



MacOS Catalina 10.15.5

Logic Pro X 10.5.1

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You piqued my curiosity so I spent some time last night looking for z-weighted RMS meters, and I found ONE in an application! https://www.roomeqwizard.com/

.. and more in hardware..


Ultimately most sound pressure meter software doesn't appear to specify which weighting they use, though I would guess A and C are used in most RMS meters. So, I wasn't able to find an RMS meter using the z-weighted algorithm. The developer Voxengo, responsible for the famous SPAN metering plugin, is continually updating his range so it might be worthwhile sending a feature request for z-weighted RMS and he may well implement it.

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