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"Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI." please help me.


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I am a user of mac pro 5.1 & Focusrite Saffire Liquid 56.

I was using macbook pro 2012. Recently, I moved to mac pro 5.1.

There is coming a problem. when I run the logic pro x. there is some error message.

'Error while trying to synchronize Audio and MIDI.'

So, I tried my portable audio interfece(Terratec Phase X24FW). If it same. But it's working good with Macbook pro 2012.

What I need to do? I need your help.

Thanks. God blessing you.

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I tried different port and cable. it's same. And I check the sample rate and tried changing I/O buffer size.

When I set to I/O buffer size - 512 / sample rate - 48k is not coming. but latency is 125.6ms. I can not recording inst that. What I need to check more?

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Thanks for your answer. I know about the basic. I am doing midi work first and then to do wave work.

However, there is something problem. It's hard to find that.

I have a plan to upgrade my system. SSD, 64Gb Ram and 12 core cpu.

Do you think it will be getting batter?

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