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Automation step sequencing


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This seems to be rather uncharted territory as of yet. And something that needs some improvement by Apple. You can trigger automation values in pattern regions. But only on software instruments tracks. This means if I wanted to do, say, a Dry/wet-pattern-automation on my favorite reverb (think stepFX but with outside plugins) on an audio track this would only be possible if I loaded the audio material in to a sampler and put the effect on that track. There can't be an audio region AND a pattern region on a track as of yet.


Would anyone have an idea how to do this without having to load allaudio material in MIDI tracks?

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Thank you! This does do the trick. however, of the for plugins I've tried (Vallhalla Supermassive, Little Alterboy, XLN RC-20, Arturia REv-Plate) two (Alterboy, Supermassive) seemed have issues reacting the sequence. Supermassive had audible clicking sounds whenever an automation value was changed through the sequence. Alterboy sometimes did not change to a new value at all when automating the pitch.


I'm not sure if this is due to the plugin not being fast enough? Or the automation value change being too drastic? I'll investigate further...


But again, thank you so much! This opens up a world of sound design!

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