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Any Midi Channel automation


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I'm trying to control midi channels 1 - 5 through a single automation lane. (Dynamics for string ensemble in Kontakt 6). Automating Any only actually seems to affect Channel 1.


I've looked through multiple forums and haven't found a good solution or alternative approach.


You're help would be appreciated! :)





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RBA stands for region based automation.

TBA stands for track based automation.


Regarding automation lanes, I think that Logic can only display each automation in discrete lanes.


One can record/write CC events into a region, and if needed change their settings (position, MIDI channel, type number, value) via the Event List editor (among other ways).

Using the Transform function could be useful in such editing situation.


In order to ensure the proper MIDI channel is sent to the intended Kontakt instruments, make sure that in the track inspector, the MIDI Channel parameter is set to All.

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