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EXS Instrument deleted my audio samples!


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I had saved a user patch with an exs24 instrument that had random .wav samples I downloaded from splice. When I opened up a session that used those particular samples / user patch, I got a “exs instrument not found” pop up message. When I clicked on the exs24 edit tab, all of my samples were gone. All of my other user patches are working just fine, it’s just this one in particular that misplaced my .wav samples for some reason. Anyone know how to find missing samples??


Side note: the specific .exs file for that patch is still in my sampler instruments folder with the rest of my samples. And I tried dragging the .exs file to the edit window, nothing happened except I don’t get that pop up message from before.


I added a screenshot to show you what I’m seeing. Please help!!


*also I just hovered over the .exs file and it shows it’s empty (0 KB).


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Just load the patch on the track from Logic's Library, like you would load any patch for any track.

That’s what I’m trying and I keep getting this message. But like I said, the .exs file for this patch is empty for some reason. That’s most likely the issue I need to resolve to get it to work


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