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Score editor - how to change key signature without transposing


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I’ve entered a piano piece in the score editor. I transposed it to another key by selecting all and dragging everything up to the new key. Plays in the new key, tho with lots of dropped notes - a future query.


Now the score is teeming with accidentals, to reconcile the new notes with the old key signature.


Is there a way to change the old signature to the new actual one, or should I have changed the old signature first, and if so, how?


(Logic pro 10.5.0, Catalina 10.15. Macbook 26”)

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Ah, a Valleyist! Thanks so much for your prompt reply. Now, if it’s not asking too much, about the “how” part...


Just drag it onto the Score Editor from the part box.


Thank you. Other issues surfaced, which I’ll post separately.

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