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Quick Help - Inspector Pane View - and Plugin Latency Values


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Plugin Latency hover tags won't display even with prefs show help tags clicked, if "Quick Help" is set to "inspector pane view" and inspector closes while "Quick Help" is still selected.


I came across this because I couldn't get any latency values from my plugins and I didn't realize "Quick Help" was selected because my inspector wasn't open, and the "?" button appeared deselected - explanation to follow.


To reliably recreate

Set "Quick Help" as follows


"Top Menu/ Help/ Quick Help Appears As/ Inspector Pane"

Open the Inspector

Then click "Quick Help" button" - inspector needs to be open first or you will get a popup. (which I saw for the first time as I wrote this how to)

Ok So inspector is open and quick help is now clicked and should be display at the top of the inspector window.

now close the inspector and the "Quick Help" will appear to deselect

However you can not get plugin latency times on hover

If you open inspector you will see "quick Help" is still selected even though the button shows otherwise when inspector closes as well as the Help menu dropdown.


So when "show help in inspector pane" is selected.

If inspector is open, help is selected, then inspector closes

The closed Inspector does not the display correct value of "Quick Help" button.

The Help drop does not display the value correctly either.


It took some time to track that one down.

The "Quick Help" button prevents the "plugin latency info on hover" feature - for obvious reasons especially if show big yellow bubble at pointer is selected.

Which by the way I have my Quick Help set to "Show bubbles at pointer Location" so that won't happen again.


Hopefully that helps the one other person that has the same issue 5 years from now.





TAGS for search-ability.

Plugin latency won't display.

Plugin latency help tags don't show.

Can't see plugin latency, latencies

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