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Varispeed Strange Instrument Tuning

Music Spirit

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I have encountered a problem never had before in Logic using Varispeed when transcribing a track.

In the Arrange there is a single audio file of Coltrane track I am transcribing - the project is Beat Mapped manually so that the bars now conform exactly to the track.


Using Varispeed to slow down by 20% a passage so that I can hear the notes more clearly, for the first time the virtual instrument in the Arrange ( in this case a piano sound) changes pitch! when I am playing along with the track ( ie to play in a phrase and then use Capture Last Take to capture the midi).


In the past this has never been a problem - ie that playing along with Varispeed on - changes the pitch of the instruments in the arrange.


Also to note that the passages already transcribed ( ie at normal speed) play back on the piano slower at the correct pitch and in sync with the original...


If anyone can suggest a solution.. ?

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I am definitely using only Speed - for the same purpose and in the same way .. for years - but never encountered the virtual instrument changing pitch. Perhaps it is something to do with that project.. will try transferring all materials ( including Tempo List) to a new project... and see what happens.

Just wondering what else it could be?

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I would like to Bump this topic up again - still experience the same problem with some projects and not others.


Some Beatmapped Projects - Varispeed On ( Speed Only) - slows down the audio which still plays in at the correct pitch - Midi instrument plays in tune and in time at the slower Tempo.


Other Beatmapped Projects - Varispeed On ( Speed Only) - slows down the audio which still plays at the correct pitch - but Midi instrument loses connection in time to the audio and sounds like it is transposed through a ring modulator.


Can anyone suggest what settings I should look at or what could be causing this?

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Discovered the answer - it is clear that Varispeed does not work with Zoom when having to change one's Audio Interface to Zoom Output Device.


When streaming a Logic Project via Zoom Screensharing I have on occasion found that the Audio does not transmit via the usual Audio Interface I use, and then gone into Audio preferences and chosen 'Zoom Audiodevice' for the person on the other side to hear what is playing in Logic.


It is on these occasions that the weird effect of the Midi tracks sounding transposed and distorted occurs.


What is bizarre about this phenomenon is that the Audio transmits fine and in tune at the slower Tempo with Varispeed.. but not the Midi track which sounds as described above.

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