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Drum Designer Won't Retain Settings


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I have a problem with the Drum Designer not retaining settings I make.


I want to play the samples I import into DD with my midi keyboard, so I assign the samples to C1, C#1, etc, and can then play them on the keyboard's respective notes. However, after a short time, the keyboard will not play the sounds on those assigned pads. Either the pads do register they are being hit but there is no audio, or they don't register at all (and a couple of times DD has also completely stopped producing audio for no apparent reason, and I've needed to close the project and reopen it to get it back to normal).


I have tried making settings on my Komplete Kontrol Mk 2 Keyboard, Maschine MK 3 Controller, and Akai Mini with exactly the same results - the changes are retained for a short time and then there is no audio, as explained above. So I presume this is a software issue.


Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated, as I would love to be able to play the drum patterns live into DD.


Many thanks,


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