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Isolating only audio files being actively used in the arrange window


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So I tend to record a ton of vocals. I delete the audio takes along the way, as I 'Save As' from project version to version, .1, .2, etc.. but I like to keep all the takes and they stay in the previous project files and the audio bin.. because there's a slight chance I might need one and it's just safer not to delete.


I ultimately get to, say, version .12, at which point I'm confident and sure about everything.. and I want to know if there's a way to allocate/copy everything pertaining to that .12 project file only to a separate project folder.


This way the final version is compact .. 1 to 2 gigs instead of 5.. and unnecessary files aren't lingering around in the Audio Files folder taking up space... and I can more quickly send the project folder to my friend to make tweaks.



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