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Impossible MIDI sustain, newest Logic


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Hi everybody, finally joined up after years of lurking.


Bought the latest Logic after years of being on 10.1 or something...it's incredible!! The horns are unbelievably believable.


Major problem though:


Studio Horns, played in with MIDI, are going crazy with sustain on playback. With MIDI keyboard plugged in or not, they'll play fine, as performed, once or twice and then will become a cacophony of sustained notes and swells. It's ludicrous.


I can duplicate the track and move the MIDI down, and it will be fine, again, for one or two plays. Then it goes crazy again. I don't see anything weird in the MIDI event list.


I went through the prominent threads on similar issues, almost all from 10-12 years ago. None seemed to offer the solution.


Why would it be this way straight out of the box? Please help! Work is impossible like this.

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