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step sequencer bus automation


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This documentation could help you familiarizing with automation.

You could try then the following:

1- Make sure you enable the automation curve display by pressing that button.

2- Click on the Automation Parameter pop-up menu to choose the parameter to automate (by default it appears as Volume).

3- Click on Main to open the submenu which will reveal the channelstrip's items available for automation.

4- Select by clicking on the Send 1-> "..." (where "..." stands for the Bus 15 channelstrip's given name).



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OK, thanks. I don't mean the "old" automation. I mean withing the NEW step sequenzer where you can create a line - I hope that's the word in English - with automation. I send you a screen shot where I created one with the WET amount of a reverb. The question is, can you a line with a BUS as well? Can't find it.


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