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Multiple Input devices into 1 project


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So my band practices at this space where we have a bunch of mics and line inputs going into several motu interfaces. We also have a roland TD50 e drumet that if connected to logic via USB allows for 10 audio channels via usb. The question is, can logic handle two inpouts for one project? It seems like we have to choose one, its either the MOTU is the input OR the TD50 is the input. Ideally I'd like to run the TD50 into logic to avoid having to take 10 channels in the MOTU. We're out of tracks and before I go and buy another MOTU interface and link them, I was hoping someone here could offer some tips.


so in logic I would have 24 tracks with inputs from the MOTU and then 10 tracks with inputs via the TD50's USB. is this possible?

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