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Midi Transform - Range & Crescendo - Am I Crazy?


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I just discovered Midi transform and all its functions tonight. I am using it to great success to make my electronic drum tracks sound a bit more lively - yes! I am going a bit loopy though. See my attached screenshot - I am POSITIVE I set that nice crescendo / range simply using the scale function of the midi transform controls. However - I am not able to replicate it at all.


According to forums here; you need to use the crescendo function, and with this, need to specify the range in the midi transform UI. I am absolutely positive I didn't do this because I just learned about it. So that begs the question, how was I able to get this nice flow of notes to build up the way I did? My workflow is to simply select the notes I want to affect, choose Midi Transform and then choose Random Velocity and play with the parameters; mostly random velocity between 100-125 depending on the drum hits, or range/scale.


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