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Dynamic operation (velocity multipy) for dedicated note numbers


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Hey experts, I'm looking for a script that can individually change the velocity curve (multipy by factor will be sufficient) of selected midi notes:



Sixteen Midi note numbers (4 -19) shall be available for a dynamic operation (with multiplication); all other notes and other midi messages shall pass through unaffected. The midi channel shall not matter for notes meant to be affected and also for notes that shall pass through unaffected ( = the midi channel of the output note shall stay the same as the midi channel of the input note).


(i.e. I want to multiply the incoming velocity of note number 4 by factor 1.25 ; then note note number 5 by factor 1.5 ; then note number 6 by factor 1.12 ; then note number 7 by factor 2.3; ....


Does such a script exist or can you help me by posting one? (It has to be a Scripter operation and not a midi edit in the environment)


Thanks very much in advance!

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Not at the studio to test same, but I wonder if a Modifier MIDI Fx could do that. If such is possible, I think that would require a set of as many instances as there would be notes to alter...

However the Scripter approach would be more elegant solution...

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